Washington Apple Week 2020

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[WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON, Nov. 20] The Washington Apple Commission announces that Nov. 28-Dec. 6th will be the second annual celebration of Washington Apple Week. The global event will span nineteen countries and feature activities to connect consumers with the source of their food through education as well as build excitement for the arrival of the new season Washington apples.

Featuring the exclusive worldwide campaign, “From Our Trees to Your Table,” the week-long celebration will focus on educating consumers on the diversity of varieties available, the process of growing the world-class quality apples, and the health benefits of regularly eating Washington apples.

Layering eye-catching in-store displays, the Commission will focus on creating an interactive experience through digital media. Social media, online contests, influencer partnerships, educational videos, livestream cooking demos and more will bring the goodness of Washington apples directly to international consumers at home. Viewers can join in on the fun through the Washington Apples social media platforms and following the #WashingtonAppleWeek hashtag.

“This is an exciting opportunity to connect with customers and unify apple lovers across different oceans, borders and continents. The ability to engage with consumers with an amplified digital approach helps bridge the gap during a challenging time, and it opens new doors to provide content that will add value to our customer’s daily lives,” said Rebecca Lyons, International Marketing Director.

The 1,260 apple growers in the state produce eight core varieties: Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Cripps Pink, Golden Delicious and Cosmic Crisp®. Washington state is the leading producer of fresh apples in the U.S., growing 65% of the nation’s apples annually and exporting to over 60 international markets.

The Washington Apple Commission is a non-profit, promotional organization dedicated to marketing and advertising fresh Washington apples internationally. For more information on the Washington Apple Commission, visit www.waapples.org.

The Washington Apple Commission is an equal opportunity provider and employer.