Lake Chelan

The Chelan region is known for producing hearty apples of exquisite quality, flavor, texture, color, and shape. Such beautiful fruit is a product of a unique temperate microclimate. Orchards line the shores of the 50-mile long lake, whose deep waters cool hot summer days and warm the air temperature in winter.
Lake Chelan

Bob Carleton

“As a small grower, you have the ability to be hands on. Your voice is heard just a little bit more.” Read more>
Carleton Orchards Established 1963
Manson, WA
34 acres

Allen Robison

“It’s a lifestyle choice. There’s good times and bad times. You need to love to farm and to work, and most growers do.” Read more>
Chelan, WA
120 acres

Doug Stockwell

“The consumer is putting a huge amount of trust in me as a grower to produce and deliver safe healthy fruit. It’s important to deliver on that trust.” Read more>
Orondo Orchards Established 1954
Orondo & Bridgeport, WA
1250 acres

Travis Schoenwald

Schoenwald oversees the 2nd oldest producing Granny Smith’s in Washington. "They’re huge. We call them the Big Granny’s." Read more>
Schoenwald Orchards Established 2013
Manson, Brewster & Chelan, WA
25 acres

Mark Stennes

A fourth generation orchardist whose first apple trees were planted in 1900 by his great-grandfather. Read more>
Stennes Orchard Established 1900
Pateros, WA
250 acres